Skill & Endurance Rating

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Our Skill and Endurance ratings explained

Not all riders are mode the same, and we want to make sure you have the best possible experience on our trips. Although our private trips are customizable to a certain degree, we still recommend that everyone who joins us go through the ability scale rating below to get an idea of whether a certain trip is applicable to them. This is particularly important on our scheduled trips as we will be sharing these rides with others.

Although starting from rating 1, all of our trips require at least a basic ability to ride a bicycle with some confidence and a decent physical condition to deal with some challenges.


Skill Rating 1:

I have started cycling recently but have spent a few hours on my bike. I have the ability to operate the various mechanisms of my bicycle such as the gears and brakes. I have some experience riding off-road but I avoid single track. I am able to stop and dismount should I see an obstacle that I am not comfortable attempting. I use flat pedals in all riding situations and have not considered clip-in pedals. I would not enter a mountain bike race or event.


Skill Rating 2:

I have been riding for a while now and have started to add some single track into my cycle rides. I am happy moving around the bicycle to make sure that I am in the correct riding position for the conditions. I can ride with clip-in pedals if I choose to do so. I still prefer dirt roads and jeep tracks. I am thinking of entering a mountain bike race or event.


Skill Rating 3:

I enjoy riding smooth single track and sometimes look to find trials that test my abilities. I consider my bike handling skills decent and have the ability to avoid certain obstacles should I feel uncomfortable with them. I am willing to try terrain that might be uneven like sand or rocks. I have participated in some mountain bike races and events.


Skill Rating 4:

I ride my bicycle regularly and love the challenge of different riding conditions. I am able to climb technical climbs and enjoy descending some steep and uneven trails applicable to my riding style of cross-country, trail, etc. I feel very confident in my riding ability and enjoy testing myself at races or with my regular group of riding buddies. The odd drop-off or rock garden is no problem and I am OK with narrow single tracks with a drop beside it. Mountain biking is an important part of my life.


Skill Rating 5:

I am a seasoned mountain biker with many years of experience. I enjoy finding terrain and trails that are rated as dangerous. I use a longer travel bike that is designed particularly for difficult conditions. I have bike handling skills that allow me to navigate most trails even if I have not ridden them before. I can jump obstacles if required. I usually wear additional safety gear when attempting these kinds of riding conditions. Mountain biking is life!


Endurance Rating 1:

I cycle infrequently. I am able to cycle for around an hour as long as it is not strenuous. I do not actively pursue a level of cycling fitness.


Endurance Rating 2:

I cycle once every week or two. I am able to cycle for around 2 hours including the odd gradual incline. I actively try and maintain a level of fitness, cycling or general. I may enter a 20km race or event.


Endurance Rating 3:

I cycle about once a week and have done so for a while. I try and maintain my cycling fitness and enjoy the challenge of some climbing. I would be happy entering a 40km race or event that could be 3-4 hours long.


Endurance Rating 4:

I ride regularly and try and do so more than once a week. I would be happy entering a 75km race or event and have done a multi-day race or similar. I am able to do a fair amount of climbing, either long or technical. I’ve done a couple 5-6 hour rides. I have done some days of cycling with 1500m of climbing or more. If the trail is too difficult I can hop off and push to the top.


Endurance Rating 5:

I consider myself an endurance athlete. I often partake in very long, difficult rides whether on a race or on my own. I am able to do over 100km in a day even if it includes some challenging sections. I have been cycling for long enough that I can do this kind of riding for a few days in a row. I enjoy the challenge of completing a big day of riding, particularly if it includes some suffering.


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